PHILIPS AC1217/20 Portable Room Air Purifier
  • PHILIPS AC1217/20 Portable Room Air Purifier
  • PHILIPS AC1217/20 Portable Room Air Purifier

PHILIPS AC1217/20 Portable Room Air Purifier

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Philips Air Purifier comes with advance Nano Filter and removes as small as 0.003 Micron ultra fine particles

Keep your indoor air free from dust, dirt, dander, and microorganisms with the Philips 1000i Series Air Purifier. Its clean air delivery rate of up to 260 cubic metres per hour offers fast and efficient performance. And, it ensures that every corner of your room is filled with clean air. The three-layer filtration with NanoProtect HEPA, Active Carbon, and pre-filter of this air purifier collects even minute particles from the air, keeping it clean and hygienic. Moreover, featuring smart sensors, this air purifier detects the level of pollutants in the air, offers air quality status, and selects the right purification speed.

High Performance

The high air delivery rate of this air purifier facilitates corner-to-corner air purification for rooms up to 29 m².

HEPA Filter

Equipped with three-layer filtration of NanoProtect HEPA, Active Carbon, and Pre-filter, this air purifier filters even tiny particles of dirt, pollen, dust, bacteria, pet dander and PM 2.5 from the air.

Clean and Safe Air

This air purifier is designed to remove harmful viruses and aerosols from the air, ensuring that the air you breathe is safe and of good quality.

Smart Sensors

Featuring smart sensors for optimal performance, this air purifier rapidly detects fine particles, offers the real-time status of the air quality, and smartly selects the correct purification speed for your home.

Durable Air Purifier

Designed to deliver smooth and durable performance, this robust air purifier can be used all day long.

Low Noise Operation

When you select sleep mode for this air purifier to function, it dims the display lights and operates with minimal noise to ensure that you get a peaceful sleep.

Smart Light Control

You can conveniently dim, turn on, or off the lights of both the air quality index and the light on the UI as per your preference.

Low Power Consumption

With an overall power consumption of 50 W, this air purifier is energy-efficient.

Display Screen

The display indicates the level of pollutants in your space with a colour ring. So, you can easily check the status of the indoor air quality whenever you want.

User-friendly Operation

This air purifier allows you to select auto mode or select from 5x speed levels including Sleep, Speed 1, 2, 3 and Turbo as per your need. This way, you get complete control over its process and customise its airflow and noise level setting.

Smart Filter Indicator

Thanks to its smart filter indicator, this air purifier helps calculate the life of the filter according to the level of pollutants and operational duration. And, it lets you know when your filter needs to be changed, making it easy to maintain.

Model Name
  • AC1217/20
  • Room
Filter Type
  • HEPA
  • White
  • White
Coverage Area
  • 672 sq ft
Control Type
  • White
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