About us

Our company

Wizekart Prepaid Marketplace.

This is promoted by the founders of Best of Indian Products - Prepaid Marketplace of India. We are providing a safe environment for our buyers to purchase online. We provide support to our customers & ensure that they are provided with a good shopping experience.

Our team


Left to Right: Jagreuben Singh - Digital Media Manager, Ashutosh Bhardwaj - Seller Support Manager, Sushma Heer- Admin Manager, Sukhvir Kaur - Managing Director, Harkanwal Singh - CEO, Amrinder Singh - General Manager, Jaspreet Singh - Marketing Manager 

We provide a structure for Buyer & Seller Interaction at a Low Cost

Our team's main job is to keep the marketplace with genuine buyers and sellers. The major role our team plays is in evaluating sellers & buyers.


Every buyer can give a review on product & seller. Product review cannot be made on the seller or vice versa.

Whenever an order is placed, it is a direct contract between the buyer & the seller with our role limited to advertising the deal.

We encourage our buyers to leave feedback so others can benefit from it.

We wish for every contract to satisfy our customers.