Maya Durga Shakti Agarbatti 70 pcs
  • Maya Durga Shakti Agarbatti 70 pcs

Maya Durga Shakti Agarbatti 70 Pcs Pack of 3

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Maya Durga Shakti Agarbatti 70 Pcs With Free Premium Safty Matches Pack of 3

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Maya Durga Shakti Agarbatti

About the Product

A mesmerising fragrance that reminds of Goddess Durga. Uplift your spirit and soul to serenity. The soul-soothing fragrance appeases your mind and enhances concentration. This amazing incense stick is recommended for meditation, study and work. 

Long-Lasting: The fragrance of Maya Durga Shakti lasts longer. It burns uniformly and the smell spread fast.

Matchbox Free: Maya Durga Shakti has a matchbox free inside the pack

How to Use

Just light up the tip of Maya incense and blow of the fire and experience the fragrance

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