Shreeji Drinking Water Pump
  • Shreeji Drinking Water Pump
  • Shreeji Drinking Water Pump

Shreeji Drinking Water Pump

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  • Colour: Blue
  • Manual water dispenser pump with easy function
  • Consist: 3 connecting pipes and one mouthpiece
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Himalayan Drinking Water Pump (Blue)--âÂÂï¸Â Manual water dispenser pump with easy function âÂÂï¸Â Innovative vacuum action for easy pumping âÂÂï¸Â Fits for all 20 litre water bottles. Made of plastic which complies with food packing regulations. Spring will not get rust or break like metal springs. âÂÂï¸Â Features a removable tube for easy cleaning âÂÂï¸Â Suitable for homes, schools, offices, camping and more. Innovative & Simple working system. Hygienic and lasts a long time. Colour/Brand may vary as per stock availability Guidelines: Ensure all parts are available,the Pumping set,3 connecting pipes and one mouth piece through which the water flows out Remove the white lid from the main pumping set,and then remove inner blue lid which is on the top of the pumping set Once both the inner blue lid and outer white lid is removed you would see a transparent pump inside,gently press the pump and check if you can feel air coming out from the bottom of the pumping set each time u press the pump from top If no air is coming from bottom then check if the protruding pipe from transparent pump is fixed properly to the vent which is in the middle of the inner set of the pumping set,rotate the transparent pump and ensure the protruding pipe and vent are fixed properly Now press the pump again to check the air flow at the bottom,it should work fine and fix the blue inner lid and then the white outer lid over the transparent pump.Join the 3 pipes to each other and connect them to the bottom on the pumping set,also join the mouth piece to the side of the pumping set and now you are done.

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